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Over the years Community Renovations has been providing Home Modifications, developing wheelchair ramps and converting residential bathrooms and laundry rooms to help individuals continue to live independently and allow them to easily move throughout their homes. Having stayed compliant with ADA standards, Community Renovations has also completed many commercial projects for schools, parks, senior centers and even a city hall. Because Community Renovations has now been given the opportunity to help those with HISA and SAH Grants, and provide services to the VA, the company has been able to help even more people throughout the southeast Michigan area.

VA SAH Grant Construction

Residential Bathrooms/Barrier Free Bathrooms

Bathrooms can be a dangerous place for anyone, but when you're in a wheelchair it can be especially difficult to maneuver around or get in the shower. Community Renovations offers you the ability to redesign you bathroom by creating a wider space and or installing a roll-in shower to give you independent access to daily routines.

VA SAH Grant Construction

Aging in Place Modification

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Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps make all the difference when you have steps to enter/exit your home. It can also be very difficult to leave your home when there are no ramps to aid you. Community Renovations has helped many individuals regain the ability to enter or leave their home freely without depending on an other person to help them down the steps.

HISA Grant Construction

Barrier Free Home Modifications

By turning their property into a barrier-free living space individuals can continue to live on their own and easily gain access to all areas of their home. Whether you need wider hallways or roll-under counter tops, Community Renovations is here to transform your home into the best living area possible.

Grab Bars

We offer Custom Colored Grab bars to coordinate with your bathroom. There are so many grab bars to choose from, We will install the correct finish, size and style in the location that will best meet your needs.



Community Renovations can help you gain access to all levels of your house with lift systems that meet a variety of needs.

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Laundry Rooms

Generally a laundry room is in a small, compact area, but that doesn't mean an individual in a wheelchair should not be able to move throughout the room. Redesigning your laundry room to make it easier to navigate is simple with Community Renovations.

HISA Grant Commercial Construction

Commercial Jobs

Due to the new laws of the ADA, more and more commercial buildings are being modified to become ADA compliant. Following these guidelines allows those in wheelchairs the ability to easily access and navigate through buildings. Community Renovations has helped many businesses and public buildings become complaint with the ADA standards.

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Home Modifications

Community Renovations can create an entire barrier-free home, but they also offer standard home modifications and remodeling projects to give your pre-existing home an updated and attractive look.

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